The Grooming Commandments: 5 Rules To Maintain Your Skin, Hair And Beard
The Grooming Commandments: 5 Rules To Maintain Your Skin, Hair And Beard

You can probably pin these lists on your wall.

If you were to follow only five rules to maintain your skin, hair and beard, here’s what the experts say they should be.




You need a holistic hair regime of not just one or two products. Treat your hair and scalp to a detox wash, shampoo + conditioner, hair masque, leave-in care products as well as styling and finishing products. Find the right combination and your hair will always look on point.


Brush your hair with a good quality bristle brush. It can make a world of difference to the health of your hair. Brush twice a day, morning and night, and this will smooth the hair cuticle and distribute the natural oils along the hair shaft, resulting in naturally healthy, shiny hair.


Use products with natural ingredients and only a sulphate-free shampoo. Sulphates aggravate dry and dull hair further. Often, natural and raw ingredients aren’t refined enough to have a meaningful effect on the hair and scalp, so choose products that have a natural plant base, but which use science and technology to deliver their benefits to the hair.


Styling products can give your hair a much-needed boost of life and shine.


If possible, try not to wash your hair every day, as that strips hair of its natural oils and nutrients. Your scalp’s natural oils are essential to the health of your hair, as they protect it from the elements. Try a gentle dry shampoo, whose lightweight formula gives body and texture and removes odours and excess oil.


Wade Blackford, Style Master and Primary Educator, APAC Region, Kevin Murphy




Ensure a clean scalp at all times. One way to identify your scalp concerns is with the Kérastase Professional Hair & Scalp Camera. Accordingly, pick a shampoo and use it at least thrice a week.


Make the conditioner your ally. Pick a soothing and cooling scalp masque.


Get your own personalised scalp and hair treatment, which takes care of hair loss, dandruff, a sensitive scalp or other specific concerns you may have.


Keep your hair nourished by oiling it once a week. The Iconic Elixir Ultime Oil by Kérastase will keep your hair nourished, supple, buoyant and non-greasy. It is suitable for all hair types.


Always remove all styling products from your hair before going to bed, by shampooing every time you use them.


Loic Chapoix, Creative Art Director, Dessange Salons




Find a stylist that will listen and will help you try new styles.


Fix up standing appointments – 4-5 weeks if you have short hair and 6-7 weeks if you have medium to long hair. Ensure that you keep the appointment.


A clarifying shampoo at least once a week will remove any product from building up in your hair and scalp. Ask your stylist for the right product for your hair type.


Gel and pomade are a must. Consider them a part of your wardrobe.


Don’t be afraid to try out a new stylist and own his style. Just because no one else is doing it doesn’t mean you can’t.


Aurelio Ayala III, Global Educator at Supersilk





Like women, the cleansing, toning and moisturising routine is just as important for men. They are exposed to pollutants on a daily basis. Also, men tend to have oilier and thicker skin than women. They need to use good facial products that work on all kinds of skin.


Skin exfoliation is important, as it helps to clean the pores and keep skin problems at bay. Use a gentle facial exfoliator twice a week to get the dead skin off your face, particularly the nose. You will be looking better than you feel in no time.


A good foot-care routine is crucial, because men’s feet are more prone to skin infection and bad odour. Try to get a basic pedicure done once in a while.


Apply a good sunscreen with a minimum SPF30 when you are out, not just on your face but on all parts of the body that are exposed to the sun. Make sure you apply the sunscreen 15 minutes before heading out, so it gets absorbed better. Reapply it after a few hours, as the impact of a sunscreen is limited to a few hours, and reapplying it helps control skin damage.


Nothing ages someone faster than a lifestyle filled with little sleep, no exercise and terrible food choices. How we look is often a reflection of how we take care of ourselves. Next time you’re out until 3 am, pounding beer and chicken wings, remember, you’re adding years to your face’s appearance.


Vidushi Agarwal, Director at Headstart International (Skintruth)






Always remember that there is a world in between a clean-shaven look and a fullbearded look. You can shave the facial hair on the sides with your Gillette Mach 3 razor, to create unique beard styles like the Italian Goatee, the evergreen French Beard, the fashionable Square Jaw Beard or the Anchor Beard. If you want to nail the classic clean shaven look, shave just before going out to avoid unwanted stubble.


For a smooth shave, wash your face before shaving, as it clears the skin. A splash of water is not enough – use a thick layer of foam or gel to retain water in the beard hair and maintain hair softness during the shave. Shave in the direction of your hair growth – you may have your hair growth in multiple directions on the sides, chin and neck. At the end, don’t forget to moisturise with an aftershave balm, to achieve a complete feel and look.


Take time to find your signature cologne, but don’t bathe in it. The last thing you want is for your manly musk to give everyone a headache.


Take care of your skin. Keep it hydrated by drinking lots of water and moisturising well.


Lastly, it is always good to invest in impeccable attire that will always come in handy, like a classic black blazer and a white shirt.


Aalim Hakim, Gillette expert and celebrity hairstylist

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