Underwear To Bed Or Not? The Results Are Out
Inner Secrets: Did You Know 41 Percent Of Indians Do Not Wear Underwear To Bed?

The survey was conducted by Tailor & Circus, which claims to be “India’s first body-positive innerwear brand”

“Do you sleep with your underwear on or off?” is one of the types of questions you’d never thought someone would ask, right? Well, an underwear brand has gone ahead and done that with 1000 consumers. 



The company, Tailor & Circus, which claims to be “India’s first body-positive innerwear brand” wanted to understand what Indian consumers think when it comes to innerwear hygiene awareness, preference in style, and more. And so, they conducted a short survey on their Instagram account. Here’s what they found – 


  • About 41% of Indian consumers prefer not to wear underwear to bed. Let’s just hope they do not get robbed in the night. 
  • Only 24% of Indian consumers are aware that they need to change their innerwear after 6 months to one year of usage. 
  • Just 26% of Indian consumers are extremely hygiene conscious and change their underwear more than once every day.
  • 13% of Indian consumers are beginning to gravitate towards Micro Modal, which is a specialized type of modal rayon known for its softness and resistance to shrinkage
  • 45% of Indian women prefer hipster style underwear, a blend of bikinis and boyshorts, followed by the bikini fit. 
  • 37% of Indian men prefer trunks followed closely by briefs.  


Some of these insights are interesting, while some are err…disturbing. Based on the data, Abishek Elango, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Tailor & Circus aims to help consumers in making informed decisions when it comes to purchasing innerwear. 



He added, “with factors like sustainability, comfort, and fit becoming more important than ever. It’s interesting to observe a growing number of Indian consumers begin to be more aware about innerwear hygiene and the fabrics used to make their innerwear.”

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