We know you are stealing from your girlfriend 

Five products you have been eyeing in your girlfriend’s stash – and we are not judging you for it at all

Let’s face it: you secretly love your girlfriend’s peach scented body wash or that vanilla scented body lotion and have even discretely “tried” it out, more than once. We know. She knows it too. And no one is judging you for wanting a supple skin and smelling amazing. Come, raid our closets.


Hand sanitizers


Squeaky clean hands are Good Health 101. And picking the ones that smell great and keep your hands soft? Score. From sweet tangerines to mango sorbet there’s every flavour you need.


Essential oils


Fixing dry patches to cracked lips or sometimes in a warm bath, essential oils are a must for your cabinet. Also, wondering how her skin looks so much younger than yours? With anti-aging properties of maracuja or argan oil, why wouldn’t you want them?


Hair masks


Ever wondered how her hair looks and smells so great when you hug her goodbye? She says thank you to hair masks. These nourishing products restore dry and damaged hair to good health and leave you feeling  supermodel fabulous.




Scrubs are the quickest way to unclog pores and makes you skin feel smooth and healthy without having to indulge in a spa treatment. Trust us, she won’t want to stop touching you.


Face masks


Face masks purify and moisturize your face and are a great way to de-stress. Try it. But, we warn you, they can be addictive. Don’t believe us? Ask Chandler.



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