Five Bicep Workout Routines To Try Out At The Gym
Five Bicep Workout Routines To Try Out At The Gym

Here’s how you get those bulging biceps

Every man wants sharp triceps and bulging biceps. Getting them is a task but we’ve listed five bicep workout routines that will help you get some biceps worth showing off.




Barbell Curls


Research shows that the use of barbells is more effective in building biceps than regular dumbells. Barbell curls are a great way to expose the muscles to a little more weight. One thing to make sure while doing barbell curls is to always maintain a straight back.




Parallel Pause Curl + Escalating Isometric Hold


It is recommended that you pick dumbells of a lighter weight so that you can perform this bicep workout to its full capacity. You start by curling two dumbells simultaneously all the way up. On the way down, stop at parallel with the ground and hold the position for a beat. After the first rep, hold the position for 1-tick, then a 2-tick hold after the second rep. Keep up the laddering until you’re done for.




Standing Cable Curls


If you intend to target deep-tissue muscle fibres with your bicep workout, then cable curls are a great method. Stand by holding a bar attached to a low-pulley cable with an underhand grip with your elbows extended. Keep your abs tight, chest up and head straight as you curl the bar toward your chest, keeping your elbows at your sides throughout. Hold and bring the bar till your collarbone, then slowly come back to your original starting position. Repeat without letting the weight stack touch down between reps.




Kneeling Single Arm Curl


Performing a bicep workout while kneeling down will limit the chances of you using your body to pull the weight up. Start by grabbing a pair of dumbells and hold one by your side in your left hand, palm facing your thigh and in your right hand, hold the dumbell with your palm facing outward. Without moving your upper arm, curl the dumbbell as close to your shoulder as you can. Pause, then slowly lower it back to the original starting position. Each time you return to the starting position, straighten out your arm completely.




Sitting Concentration Curls


A great bicep workout that will put the right amount of load on your muscles is concentration curls. A workout like cable curls or concentration curls includes the possibility of momentum. You should never allow your dumbell or cable to be moved using momentum as this limits the necessary load exerted on your muscles. Being seated while doing concentration curls will limit the role of momentum in the workout and will place all the emphasis right on the bicep muscles. This bicep workout is a good option to be added at the very end of your workout routine if you’re looking to fully exhaust your biceps.

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