This Percassi Brand Makes Its Way To Asia
This Percassi Brand Makes Its Way To Asia

Italian men’s cosmetic brand Womo announces a partnership with Genesis Luxury for India

In an industry dominated by women’s grooming products, there has been an increase in men’s skincare. Keeping in mind India’s drastic weather changes, there are few brands which have come up with a men’s cosmetic and grooming line. A brand owned by Percassi, WOMO is the one stop shop for the modern man who looks for a shopping experience of unique and sought after products.


WOMO, an Italian men’s cosmetic line is soon to be launched in India by the first half of 2020. The brand has partnered to open up a flagship store in Mumbai, where WOMO product lines would be offered. Along with this, the cutting and shaving services of Bullfrog, the barbershop founded by Romano Brida will also be accessible to men.  




The brand offers a wide range of products, from fragrances to shaving items and from skin care products to beard and hair products, with an essential range of travel clothing and accessories. 

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