You Won’t Believe You’re Making These Errors at the Gym

The road to a successful transformation isn’t as simple as hitting the weights on a regular basis.

Exercise certainly helps us look, feel and think better. But the road to a successful transformation isn’t as simple as hitting the weights on a regular basis. So if you’re new to the fitness game, it’ll help to know some common things to avoid for great results. 




So you think that working out as much as physically possible will help you get ripped faster, but it isn’t as simple as that. Your body needs adequate time to recover, and you should only workout enough to cause muscle tear. That doesn’t mean you should run away from pain. Ideally, refer to a beginner’s workout regime from any of the fitness magazines or books.


Sticking to the same routine


You need to change your fitness routine every six weeks because your body adapts to the same exercises, and you don’t see any gains. Adopt tougher exercises, do supersets or dropsets. Maybe even choose a different workout like CrossFit or Zumba so that you ensure that your body is constantly getting shocked. 


Focussing on only one body part


If you’re working out for vanity, you’ll be tempted to just work your biceps and chest, because they are the easiest muscles to flaunt. But if you don’t workout your shoulders, back and triceps too, you’ll have a disproportionate upper body. Also, ignoring your lower body will backfire, and you might end up with injuries. The chicken legs syndrome is pretty common in this country, and it looks far from attractive. 


Being obsessed with the weight machine


Just because the weight machine isn’t showing any improvement, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t getting fitter. It might take a few months for people to stand up and take notice of how you’ve gained weight/lost weight and changed. Also, don’t let the weight machine make you lose motivation and give up the road of fitness altogether. 




Again, a lot of newbies fall for this trap, because they get into a competitive zone once they get inside the gym. If you’re lifting 15 pounds, and the person standing next to you is lifting 20. Don’t take it as a sign of your weakness, and start lifting 20. Every one is fighting their own battles, and you need to just focus on doing your best and improving with every workout. 

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