You can dream about it all you want, but you can never top a John Abraham or a Hrithik Roshan when it comes to bodybuilding. Not unless you are a professional bodybuilder whose livelihood revolves around keeping fit. That said, we are not against you going to the gym. Weight training and cardio has many benefits that can transform your body. We are just asking you to throw the dream of being ripped like a supermodel out of the window. Here’s why.

It takes too much time and effort

Celebrities may spend 3-4 in hours training to get in shape for their roles. You probably can’t afford spending more than an hour if you have a full time job. Besides, you may risk injuries by overtraining if you work out for that long.

Celebrity trainers charge too much

The Hrithik Roshans and the John Abrahams of this world usually know all the basic things about bodybuilding, but they still pay a hefty amount to their trainers because their producers are betting even bigger money on their six-pack abs.

You cannot monitor your diet with as much scrutiny

Ripped bodies are made in the kitchen, much more than they are made in the gym. And in the case of celebrities, there’s way too much scrutiny involved. You can’t feasibly count your calories like they do for the long period of time it takes to achieve a shredded body. You’ll need a nutritionist whose only job is to look after what you eat for that. 

You don’t have to appease an audience

Even if you pay a celebrity trainer, hire a nutritionist and work out like a mad man, you’ll not have a million people to see your results. Why devote your entire life to it then?

Maintaining a supermodel physique is a full time occupation

If you try hard, you might get a physique to be proud of, but you might pale in comparison with a shredded celeb. That’s because celebs have a whole team of people taking care of their looks, which unfortunately, you don’t.