The novel coronavirus has led to over 21.6 million infections worldwide and thousands of deaths. It has absolutely dissipated an already staggering global economy but what’s worse is that ever since its origins in China’s Wuhan, the virus had been mutating slowly.

Now, Malaysian authorities have detected an even more infectious strain of the virus – this has been termed D614G.

“People need to be wary and take greater precautions because this strain has now been found in Malaysia. The people’s cooperation is very needed so that we can together break the chain of infection from any mutation,” said Noor Hisham Abdullah, Director General of Health, Malaysia in a Facebook post.

The mutation infects other individuals 10 times more and spreads more easily by an individual ‘super spreader’, he added.

D614G is deemed to be ten times more infectious. According to the John Hopkin University tracker, 21,672,429 people have till now been infected, and 775,275 people have died around the world till now.