Robert Lewandowski is enjoying the form of his life at Bayern Munich, and has scored 26 goals (the highest) in the Bundesliga this season. His performance will be crucial in the high profile UEFA Champions League Quarter-Final match against Real Madrid this week, and Bayern will hope that he finds the back of the net just as easily as he has been doing it all season.

So, what keeps the striker at the top of his game? Let’s take a look at his fitness regime.

He Takes Fitness Advice From His Wife, Who Is A Karate Champion

It’s said that Robert Lewandowski’s diet and workouts are managed by his wife Anna Lewadawska, a karate champion. Certainly, Anna must be making sure that Robert doesn’t put a foot wrong, and the results are there for everyone to see.

He also works a lot to improve his goal-scoring ability. “At Bayern there are specific training exercises just for the strikers at the club, and I am always working hard on them,” Lewandowski said in an interview with Shortlist.

Starts His Meals By Eating A Dessert And Finishes With A Starter

A peculiar thing about Robert Lewandowski’s fitness regime is that he eats his meals backwards – which means he starts with desserts and finishes with starters. The striker admits that his teammates find this habit strange. “They still don’t understand. They shake their heads when they see me finishing with some soup,” Robert said in an interview with France Football.