Master the pull up. Use the most old school tool — the pull-ups bar — to build great biceps and overall pulling strength.

Hammer it out. The hammer curl is the most effective exercise to build bigger biceps. A few sets of 10-12 reps range does wonders. So make sure to add that to your routine.

Focus on the smaller things to bring the bigger changes. Never neglect muscles like the triceps. Doing this can hamper overall symmetry of the body, and could lead to imbalances in your performance.


 Don’t try cheating on your biceps. Bicep curls are probably the easiest exercise to cheat on. A quick swing of the body and some extra force will help you move the weight. This will help work muscles, but you won’t get the isolation you need. Additionally, you will end up incorporating other muscles that you aren’t trying to build, so the results will definitely not match your expectations.


Make sure to add isometric holds, like the plank hold and L-sit hold, to build a rock solid core.

Try and mix things up. Include tempo and resistance to your abdominal workouts. Tempo leg raises and weighted sit-ups are the most ignored, but highly effective exercises out there.

Compound movements have very high neuro feedback and play a major role in developing a rock solid foundation, and propagate muscle building. Don’t forget to add them to your training routine.


Abs are made in the kitchen, so pay attention to what goes inside your body. For visible and sharp abs, the place you need to spend more time in is your kitchen, and not the gym. You won’t be able to see and feel your abs unless a healthy diet is part of the equation.


Don’t hesitate to bench heavy. Once you’ve spent enough time training your body, evolve from lifting smaller weights to heavier weights.

Go ahead and use the parallel bar. Dips do wonders for overall hypertrophy.

Infuse Tempo training in your workout while you bench. It will help tremendously to build overall strength.


Neglecting the eccentric (downward) phase. The eccentric phase can do wonders. Think slow and controlled movements to maximise your gains.


Squat low. This is a given, either you squat all the way down or you don’t. Range plays a vital role in building a solid pair of legs. Unless you have anatomical restrictions, don’t refrain from going low.

Don’t ignore the OGs of all leg exercises. Your accessory work like lunges, split squats play a vital role in building single-leg strength. So make sure that you tick that off the list.

Don’t just back squat all the time. The front squat and overhead squat are great exercises in building core awareness and good leg strength. It would be great if you have someone who is familiar with these exercises to help keep an eye on you if you’re trying them out for the first time.


A majority of people half-heartedly perform leg training. Going in and doing a few measly sets of leg press, a couple of sets of hamstring curls, and a couple of sets of calf raises aren’t going to develop huge thighs. It will take some brutally intense leg training to build quads.


Rowing exercises are brilliant in building your back muscles. A few sets of barbell bentover rows or dumbbell rows could be vital in changing your hypertrophy.

Deadlift heavy. The father of all exercises — the deadlift — must be practiced at least once a week, with the heavy barbell.

Change your pull-ups. Play around with your pull-up grip width. Wide grip pull-ups are great to get some size on your lats.


As with any exercise, you need to be extremely careful with how you perform your workouts to prevent injuries. One of the most common errors while working back muscles is the loss of midline stabilisation and losing the lumbar curve. This can be brutal on your back, and can lead to serious injury.




4 egg whites + 1 whole egg 1 cup of oats with raisins and cinnamon


200 grams of chicken 1 cup spinach 1 cup cooked brown rice

Evening Snack

1 scoop of protein + 1 banana or 1 apple w 1/2 tbsp peanut butter


200 grams of baked fish 1 cup sweet potato baked 1 cup broccoli


1 scoop protein 1 tbsp peanut butter