Gen Z, millennials, you name it. We’re all glued to our phones way more than we’d want to be. We just can’t help it, there’s so much Internet to consume. But there’s a way you can make your phone obsession work in your favour.

There are a bunch of apps that advocate focus, better breathing and other ways to better your mental health. These are apps that you can keep to track your daily moods, anxiety triggers, negative thought patterns and to essentially help you clear your head. However, there’s always scope to seek the professional help you want, so never totally eliminate the possibility of asking for help. But for starters, here are a few  you could try.

                                                                    1. Think Ladder

Think Ladder helps you select your problem area, be it self-worth, anxiety, criticism or anything else. and makes you challenge your unhelpful beliefs with an insight. You can set multiple reminders with helpful insights for your daily reminder of anything that could be mentally hampering. For example, a belief about self-criticism can be battled by an insight about doing the best of what you can and then letting it go.

2. What’s Up

This app literally makes you address ‘what’s up’. Deriving its content from cognitive behavioural therapy, What’s Up even has a feature to ask for extended support. Primarily, the app helps you learn coping mechanisms and deconstruct negative thought patterns in a healthy manner.

3. Breathe2Relax

Sometimes, especially in case of anxiety, you just need some direction to breathe right. Breathe2Relax encourages belly breathing, a technique that helps lower heart rate, blood pressure and also relieve stress. The app also allows users to track their progress.

4. Moodfit

Moodfit has insights to help shape your mood and identify what helps or triggers you, be it sleeping patterns or even certain kinds of food, and provides strategies to battle these triggers and help you feel better. It also has a cognitive behavioural therapy feature, which can help you identify negative thoughts and provides insights on how to change these thought patterns.

5. Tide

For anyone who suffers from sleeping issues, Tide is the way to go. It has themes of nature, different elements like rain, ocean, storm, etc., as sounds, so you can identify what sound helps you sleep better, and set the sound for a certain time to help you drift off. If you use it regularly, it will also help you figure out how much sound sleep you actually get, and you can figure out what you need to do to better your sleep patterns.