We all need some kind of motivation in our lives to head to the gym, lift heavier weights and go that extra mile. Following pages on Instagram who share an exercise video can go a long way in getting that kind of motivation. So, we’ve compiled the 10 best fitness pages you need to follow in order to get your daily dose of exercise video motivation. We’ve covered all aspects of fitness, from the popular gym and CrossFit videos to weightlifting and yoga. 

Here, we take a look at 10 such pages that regularly post an exercise video for you to follow:


Ebenezer Samuel 

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Some weekend dragon flag ab fun here. Naturally, this’ll rock your abs. It’ll also challenge you to own neutral hip position while (and after) your legs move outside the sagittal plane. ********************************* The game: -establish strong dragon flag position -hold for one second -scissor your legs from that position once -reestablish dragon flag, hold for 2 seconds -repeat the process and count up into the round of 4 or 5 seconds -hit 3 sets -have fun! ******************************** Like my training but not sure where to start with it? Or do you just want a version of my workouts you can do at home and with less time commitment? Then check out my workout video program, The New Rules of Muscle. It’s 5 30-minute workouts you can do at home with only dumbbells and an adjustable bench, driven by the same training philosophies I show on IG. It’s available at the web link in my bio. #fitness #training #newrulesofmuscle #absworkout

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Don Salanido



Bespoke Treatments



Achieve Fitness



Eric Leija



Gideon Akande



Thor Björnsson


Dylan Werner


Curtis Williams


Dwayne Johnson