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Luke Coutinho’s Holistic Approach To Fitness

Coutinho is a Mumbai-based holistic nutritionist whose clientele includes a long list of Bollywood celebrities, business tycoons and members of royal families

Luke Coutinho is a global superstar in the wellness business, constantly travelling, working on new books and applying his holistic approach wherever he goes. Along with his team of qualified doctors and trained nutritionists, he designs wellness plans with holistic approaches towards prevention and disease management, with a special expertise in cancer care.

These treatments emphasise the connection of the mind, body and spirit. Essentially, they are based on the premise that optimal well-being does not just focus on physical health, but on the person as a whole, by also taking into account the mental, emotional, spiritual and intellectual aspect of an individual. Hence, any form of holistic treatment is aimed at improving all of these five aspects of a human being.

Being from Goa, Coutinho spent a lot of his youth attending rave parties and even DJing at some of them. But once he was over his ‘party till the sun comes up’ phase, he moved on to a more serious profession. Starting his career as a holistic nutritionist, Coutinho followed set protocols and established forms of treatment when it came to patients. He started to notice that people were told to follow a textbook routine, and given the same old medicines, if they were diagnosed with a particular disease. He felt the need to treat people differently and was curious about other alternatives that could help heal the person, without relying solely on medication. Coutinho then started treating his patients using a holistic approach, and the results spoke for themselves.

Through word of mouth, he rapidly became a big name in the health sector and started taking on prominent clients. Even though he is based in Mumbai, his clientele is spread across every continent and includes a long list of Bollywood celebrities, business tycoons and members of royal families.

In spite of being active on social media, he does not believe in bragging about his celebrity clients. Unlike a lot of other nutritionists, Coutinho does not share pictures of himself posing with his celebrity clients, because he doesn’t want to be known for being so-and so’s nutritionist; rather, he wants to be known for his approach and the results of his work.

Coutinho also works for free, in a way, because he shares a lot of advice and holistic tips on his social media pages. His Instagram page, with over 60,000 followers, is filled with posts dedicated to healthy food options, lifestyle-changing tips and, of course, a gym selfie once in a while. His YouTube channel is another great medium to soak up his holistic advice, as he regularly puts out 2-3 video every week.

His social media pages are great, but his books are probably the best way to learn about his techniques in detail. He has published one fitness journal and three books to date – The Dry Fasting Miracle – From Deprive to Thrive, Eat Smart, Move More, Sleep Right and The Great Indian Diet – co-written by Shilpa Shetty Kundra. His first book, Eat Smart, Move More, Sleep Right, not only focusses on sharing simple workout and diet tips, but also has exercises for the mind and spirit. His second book, The Great Indian Diet, with Shilpa Shetty Kundra, tries to help Indians understand and be aware of how much power there is in Indian customs, traditions and food. His latest book, The Dry Fasting Miracle – From Deprive to Thrive, is aimed at making people understand and appreciate the human body’s ability to heal and prevent diseases, without solely depending on medicine. His upcoming book is set to be focussed on children’s health, and will see him team up with Shilpa Shetty Kundra once again.

Coutinho’s approach to prevention and healing revolves around the four pillars of good health: quality sleep, balanced nutrition, emotional detox and adequate exercise. He uses food and lifestyle, with a strong focus on emotional health, in an integrative manner with doctors, to help children and adults deal with lifestyle and disease-related issues. He facilitates sessions on health, nutrition, lifestyle, disease and cancer for various organisations. He has also tied up with leading hospitals in New York and London, and acts as an advisor on several boards, schools and counsels.

Coutinho says he wakes up every single morning with one agenda – that of successfully helping everyone adopt a healthy and more holistic lifestyle. It looks like he’s well on his way to achieving that goal.