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How to Prevent & Treat Chafing

Chafing, the skin irritation caused by the rubbing of body parts with each other or with fabric is now easy to prevent and treat

Chafing, the irritation you feel mostly in the inner thigh region while walking or running, is now a thing of the past!

Chafing is a skin related issue which many people face. It is the irritation caused by the friction of skin rubbing against skin in areas like the inner thighs, or when skin rubs against fabric that leaves the  affected area raw and irritable. Besides the inner thigh, other parts of the body that often suffer chafing include breasts, buttocks, groins, underarms and feet.

Some of the most common causes of chafing include friction on the skin during activities such as walking and running, rubbing of skin against clothes, dry skin due to aging, excess moisture on the surface of the skin from sweating or water sports, wearing fabrics that don’t wick moisture, overly developed muscles from exercise, tight-fitting shoes or heels, and being overweight.


If left unattended the problem could compound itself over time, and lead to rashes and swelling.  That is why it is essential for busybodies to start paying attention to chafing preferably before it occurs, and start treatment immediately.

RawNature, a PETA-certified vegan and cruelty-free brand, is now tackling the problem head-on with its range of creams and talc. Whether you want to prevent chafing or you want to make sure minor irritation does not lead to anything major, these products will have your back.

Here’s what is on offer:

  • RawNature Chamois Cream

Crafted for people with an active lifestyle, this is a unique moisture-rich cream that soothes, hydrates and protects against dry, chapped, chafed and raw skin from rubbing. The cream offers skin protection for 24 hours, especially in the inner thighs.

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When: Before rigorous activity such as walking, running, or cycling to protect your skin from chafing and rubbing. Great for daily use. Excellent for heavy chafing and sports.

Where: Inner thighs, chest, arms, feet, and places where skin rubs skin overlaps, creases and folds.

How: Apply directly and generously on all possible friction points before getting  dressed – areas such as on inner thighs, underarms and anywhere skin gets rubbed. Stop trouble before it starts!

  • RawNature Chafing Ease Cream

An invisible non-greasy cream, it improves the feel of delicate areas on the inner thighs where friction and heat build-up occur. Naturally-derived essential oils prevent bacterial growth and calm down aggravated skin, eliminating any discomfort all-day. It’s 100% vegan, 100% safe, and effective for 12 hours post application.

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When: Just after a bath or before going to bed to protect skin from chafing and rubbing. Great for daily use.

Where: Use on the underside of arms, inner thighs, skin creases and folds.

How: Apply generously before getting dressed, on inner thighs, neck, arms, and anywhere skin is rubbed. Prevention is better than cure!

  • RawNature Friction Defence Talc Spray

Fight painful inner thigh irritation with this ultra-fine, soothing, and moisture-absorbing talc powder in a unique spray format. It repairs and restores skin that is painfully dry or raw. The sheer convenience of a talc allows you to spray precisely where you want for targeted below-the-belt comfort. Make sure that there are no cuts/bruises or damaged skin where you apply. This one is for men only.

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When: Daily, to soothe and protect skin from irritation, chafing and rubbing.

Where: Spray liberally on inner thighs and underside of arms.

How: Keep six inches away and spray on the area as required and wait for a minute for it to dry, before you get dressed.