10 gripes the Zomato CEO has with his sales team
10 gripes the Zomato CEO has with his sales team

Deepinder Goyal finally has a firm grasp on the source of his worldly woes. Hint: It has something to do with his sales team

Not to put too fine a point on it, but it would appear that Zomato CEO Deepinder Singh is less than thrilled with the recent performance of his sales team. According to a report in Indiatimes the man has just sent a letter to his staff, justifying the 300-odd alleged layoffs. Not one to mince his words, Singh can practically be seen pointing to his sales team with a comically oversized foam glove for all that is wrong with Zomato’s current revenue charts. Here’s why he’s less than crazy about them:


1. “We have grown tremendously over the past few months, and our sales team has more than quadrupled in 2015. The hard reality of this growth is that our revenue hasn’t kept up with the growth in our sales team”.




2. “The fact of the matter is that our sales team is not firing on all cylinders.The average number of meetings per day for our sales teams vary from a pathetic 1.0, to 3.5 in the best teams it should be anywhere between 5-6 meetings a day.I could go on and on”. Spoiler alert : he does.




3. “The sales team is not responsible for just increasing the revenue numbers for Zomato. This revenue means much more than numbers on an Excel sheet. It is responsible for much more than that”.




4.)  “The sales team brings in the money which we use to keep the organization running (paying the bills, paying people’s salaries.) If the sales team stops performing at its best, the whole premise of Zomato fails”.




5.) “We are close to not living up to that for the first time in the last 5 years. So we really need the sales team to achieve peak performance, and it needs to happen right now”




6.) Performance cannot be driven by one single person/team. It has to be a group effort where every single sales person strives to do her/his best; learns what’s needed on their own, and then kills it every single day




   7.) “The mindset of our best sales people is that they cannot walk out of a meeting without a deal, and that they do not take no for an answer”




    8.) “I also understand that there are a lot of motivation issues with our sales team”. Sadly we’re not entirely sure if there was a hint of surprise in his tone.




    9) “We really need the sales team to achieve peak performance, and it needs to happen right now”




10.) “Sales is the #1 priority for the entire organization right now” he signs off, dispelling any confusion the recipients of the letter might have as to the source of Zomato’s concerns.


Understandably, the embattled sales team doesn’t have anything positive to take away from this letter, apart from a killer drinking game, which allows them to drown their sorrows, taking a shot everytime the letter mentions the term ‘sales team’.


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