Online dating app Tinder has become a part of our daily routines now. But along with all the advantages of this 21st century courtship platform, there are some habits of people that leave you really annoyed sometimes. We’re sure you’ve come across at least one of these.


‘Not here for hookups’


Like seriously? What else do you expect from Tinder? Go and sign up elsewhere if you don’t want a goddamn hookup!


Match but don’t text


They’ll swipe right and when even you do, they’ll act too pricey. I mean you did press the green icon for a reason so what’s that attitude about then!


Stop responding suddenly


It’s understandable that creeps and super cheezy pickup lines get the ignore treatment. But people have moral awakenings in the middle of decent conversations, which gets a little incomprehensible.


You’re not Selena Gomez


So, people will judge you for your looks on Tinder, because that’s what it’s about mostly. So using images of Selena Gomez or Deepika Padukone or Bradd Pitt will definitely not help.


‘Contact me on Insta ‘


Once in a while, you also come across these people who are on Tinder but want to be contacted on other platforms. And if you do, they think of you as stalkers. SMH.



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