Planning to get down and dirty with your partner tonight? Great! But then, there are some major mood killers that may douse the flame of romance before you even get on to the real act. Here’s taking a look at a few things you should avoid doing, which may work against you from having a good time with your partner.


Being called the wrong name


So you both are really hot and heavy and things are getting out of control. But in the middle of it all, you moan out your ex’s name. Well, that does happen to a number of people and it may be perfectly natural if you still aren’t over her. But then chances are ripe you may have offended your new partner. 


Finishing too quickly


Well, women always want men to last longer and most men have agreed to the fact that prolonging results in more intense orgasms. So you definitely need to resort to strategies that’ll help you delay a bit.




There is no compulsion to get on to the act even if you are fatigued as hell. Because what is the point when you aren’t giving your hundred percent to satisfy yourself and your partner? Relax a bit; take a nap and trust us, it’ll increase your chances of making love and satisfy yourself as well as your partner, equally.



Bad breath


Come on now. This is something we don’t even need to mention. Bad breath is never cool. Always keep some breath mints with you like you keep those condoms handy.


Terrible music


Well, lovemaking is a sensual act and soothing music is something what everyone usually prefers. If you’re a metal head, it doesn’t mean it is a turn on from a sex point of view. Always ensure you know your partner’s choice of music before getting on to the act.

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