5 Instagram Poets Who Are Redefining Poetry Daily #worldpoetryday
5 Instagram Poets Who Are Redefining Poetry Daily #worldpoetryday

Food for your soul

The latest generation of poets have taken to Instagram to bring their words to the wide internet audience. Some have found widespread popularity, as the model of a small, nice arrangement of words scrolling through a feed has resonated with a generation hungry for convenience and inspiration. Here are five Instagram poets to follow to put some food for thought in your feed.


Christopher Poindexter:

Poindexter’s poems feature deep descriptions of love, somehow developing a fresh way of looking at the same subject with each piece. Perfect for ruminating on your significant other, or even just your friends and family.

Marisa B. Crane:


Crane’s work is a dry and reflective, for those lonely moments and rainy days. Even though her words seem dark, there is still an optimism which permeates through her work.

Rupi Kaur:


Kaur has inspired both fervent devotion and widespread criticism with her immensely popular work. However, the naysayers are mainly jealous of the simple effectiveness of her minimalist style, which features her own drawing next to the poems.

Amanda Torroni: 


Torroni’s poetry is full of motivation and positivity, an immediate mood boost in the well-crafted telling of simple truths.

Nikita Gill:


Gill wears her heart on her sleeve through promoting her fierce feminism in her poetry. She uses the platform to challenge conventional ideas of a woman’s place in the world.

image source: instagram/rupikaur


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