5 Reasons To Never Get Married
5 Reasons To Never Get Married

Instead of worrying about when your time will come, you should rejoice.


If you’re seeing another friend get married every time you refresh your Facebook newsfeed, you’re not alone. It’s happening with us too. Instead of worrying about when your time will come, you should rejoice. Marriage has its share of disadvantages, and we are listing reasons why you should never tie the knot.


You don’t have to worry about money all the time


Marriage itself can be a costly affair, but what’s more taxing is living a life together with kids. You’ll not have to worry about the size of your apartment, or your kids’ tuition.


You can hook-up without guilt


You can sleep with whoever you want, whenever you want and not be left with a guilty conscience. Also, there’s no fear of being caught cheating on your wife or husband, because well, you’re not married.


You can spend more time with your friends


Not being married leaves you with more time to go on holidays with your friends. If there’s a long weekend after a tiresome week, you don’t have to worry about upsetting your wife while you hit the road with your buddies.


You can be more dedicated to your career


A lot of married men and women try and leave early from work so that they can spend some time together at home. You don’t have to do the same, and that may be in the best interest of your organization as well as your career.


You can have your own space


Without a wife, you can live in a small house that is your own. You can throw your clothes around, keep it messy, even leave unfinished pizza. No one will yell at you!

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