5 Signs Your Kid Might Be Doing Drugs
5 Signs Your Kid Might Be Doing Drugs

It’s not wrong to see your child with suspicious eyes if you spot any of these signs.

As a parent, everyone wishes the best for their child and giving them freedom to do what they want is paramount in ensuring that they grow to their full potential. However, some kids tend to abuse this freedom by taking drugs and ruining their health. As a concerned parent, you should not be too absorbed in your own world, to let your child get away with such activities. It’s important to keep a close suspicious eye to ensure that your child doesn’t flush away his future down the drain. 


Here are some warning signs that you should watch out for. Remember that none of these signs are sure-shot ways to incriminate your kid, because it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Lack of interest in social activities

If your child used to smile and talk with your family, but has suddenly started to stay aloof, it could be a warning sign that something is fishy. It could also mean that your child has developed a positive addiction like literature, but you need to have a good conversation to get to the root of the problem. Don’t see it as a natural course of things. 

Drastic weight loss

If your child has suddenly lost a lot of weight, and has a paler face than normal, there could be some wrongdoing happening. Since it’s a very obvious and a loud sign, take your child to a doctor and get a drug test done if your child brushes off arguments and doesn’t confess. 

Needle marks

Again, this is a tell-tale sign. You don’t even need to have a conversation because your child might be doing some hard drugs. Confront your child directly, and if there’s resistance (usually there is), contact a medical health professional at the earliest possible opportunity. 

Irritability and recurring low feeling 

If your child is constantly feeling low for reasons unexplained, it could be a sign of drug abuse. Since the only think junkies want is drugs, your child could behave as if he is in severe pain and might even have fits of extreme anger when he doesn’t find his drugs for whatever reason. Feeling low could also be a result of heartbreak which is pretty common among teenagers.

Drastic drop in grades

If your child has suddenly become a poor student from a good student in a semester or a year, drugs could be the reason. 

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