5 Things You Do That Kill Her Sex Drive


It’s been a while since you two have been together, but the sex seems very mechanical these days. Studies indicate that the sexual desire in case of males stays put with time; while on the other hand, some factors could lead to its deterioration in the case of women.


Here’s what you’re doing wrong if your sex life has been dreary of late.


Credit where it’s due


Everyone wants and needs some appreciation. But if you’re taking your woman for granted and ignoring the efforts that she’s making in the relationship, chances are you might end up alone in bed very soon.


The porn mirage


It’s alright to do a little bit of role-play or maybe even spice things up with a couple of toys. But if the girl is not into it and is being pushed to go extreme quite frequently, you might want to stop it before it’s too late.


No chitty all bang


Female desire doesn’t work like the men’s; they can’t be turned on like a switch. Small acts like kissing and hugging set the tone for good consummation instead. So if you’re directly going for the home run before working on the bases, stop doing it!


Out of sight, out of mind?


It’s a struggle for many a woman to keep her passion alive without the five basic senses of hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. So, long-distance relationships won’t be about steamy sex for too long unless you manage to meet regularly.


Against the wall


A lack of direction in a relationship might cause a sense of uncertainty in the woman’s head. And one morning she could just wake up and decide to even walk out than suffering this indifference in bed.


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