5 Types Of Men At Every House Party


Be it a posh house party with the most expensive alcohol or a get-together of college-goers, there are always these five types of guys that you will find at such dos.


The alpha male


He always gets along with everyone, even the hottest of girls. He is the heart of the party and makes sure that everyone feels at home, even the host sometimes.


The dancers


When the dance music plays, there’s no stopping these guys. And in no time, the latest EDM hits will graduate into the sleazy music from the 90s. But hey, it’s damn entertaining!


The boyfriend


This guy always gets cursed by his friends after the party. He will always be spotted around his girlfriend and is even the first one to occupy the bedroom. Ahem!


The stoners


These guys are everyone’s go-to people for weed. They start rolling even before the party starts and there’s always some new technique that you get to learn from them.


The drunkard


If you were wondering where all your alcohol disappeared, it’s inside this one already. He will get sloshed in no time and get hold of any random person in the party to narrate his heartbreak stories.



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