5 Ways To Have Better Period Sex
5 Ways To Have Better Period Sex

Here’s taking a look at a few ways how you can have better sex when she’s menstruating.

We’ve all been told how period sex is a complete no-no and that it should be avoided at any cost. Well, what if we told you that it’s all a myth and that there is nothing wrong in having sex with your partner while she is on her period?


There are plenty of ways you can get busy during her time of the month and tons of ways to maximize pleasure. You can also help her beat the menstrual cramps and bloating if you both indulge in period sex. So here’s taking a look at a few ways how you can have better sex when she’s menstruating. 



Sex in the shower


If you think it’ll get messy, why not try sex in the shower? Shower sex also helps reduce blood flow. So go ahead, try it.


Keep Towels handy


One of the basic things you can do to avoid stains is to make use of dark towels underneath so that your bed sheet and mattress remains intact. It is as simple as that. Later on, you can choose to dispose the towel, as per your convenience. You can even get a special bedding, say a rubber sheet, to protect your bed when you wish to experiment during her periods.


Tissues to clean up


It is always a good idea to keep tissues handy as it will help you clean up later on.



 Stick to the Missionary Position


When she lies on her back during the missionary position, the blood flow would be considerably lessened. So this is one of the best positions to explore during her time of the month.  




Some women experience discomfort and pain during their periods and while for others, it is a time when their hormones are flaring and they wish to have more sex. So a gentle position such as spooning is the perfect way for both of you to enjoy great sex. You can experiment with the depth of penetration to see what works for both of you.

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