5 Weird Ways To Propose That You Should Definitely Avoid This Valentine's Day
5 Weird Ways To Propose That You Should Definitely Avoid This Valentine’s Day

Never, ever do it in public.

It’s Valentine’s Day, tomorrow and we’re sure that a lot of you are willing to pop the question, “Will you be my Valentine?” Often times though, popping this question has a negative response. After all, there are all kinds of people in this world and some of them get so wild that their proposal has to be replied with a stern no. 


We recommend that if you’re trying to propose, don’t do something extremely fancy. If your desired partner likes you, he/she will say yes even to a simple but heartfelt proposal. If they don’t, they cannot be pressurized into saying yes. So proposing grandly in public, like they do in the movies sometimes, is a bad idea. Not only will you not get your partner, you’ll also end up looking like a fool. 

If you’re wondering whether your proposal is too weird, it probably is. If you’re looking for some confidence if you’re feeling nervous, then these weird videos will help too. You can’t do worse than this after all, can you?

Ouch, nasty nasty end! But the guy deserved it somewhat, for trying to pull this off in public. 



Don’t have such straight faces while proposing. Be a little more expressive without being over the top. 

Will you ever propose via a pizza? No, right. No matter how big a foodie you are. 


Like we’ve said before? Never do it in public. And using a violinist (poor one at that) for added effect is a sure-shot bad move. 


This might have worked because the guy was already in relationship with the girl, but it was a disastrous idea nevertheless. 


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