5 Yoga Asanas To Spice Up Your Sex Life
5 Yoga Asanas To Spice Up Your Sex Life

No performance enhancing pill has got anything on yoga.

The ancient practice of yoga can be the key to a better, happier life. And let us tell you that there’s a set of really lucrative incentives in bed too. Be it better sex or an enhanced libido, no performance enhancing pill has got anything on yoga. Try these and find it out for yourself:


Mula Bandha

Also known as the root lock, this is similar to a Kegel exercise that is employed to strengthen the pelvic muscles and prolong the orgasm. According to experts, it balances your sexual hormones while simultaneously exercising your inner muscles.


How to do it: With your back straight and legs folded in, place hands on the knees and exhale. Hold your breath and squeeze genital-anal muscles for 5-10 seconds. Slowly release while inhaling simultaneously. Repeat for three times.

Setu Bandhasana

An extension of the previous pose, this one further strengthens your core as well as the pelvic muscles. Try doing the Kegel in tandem for the best results.


How to do it: Lie on your back and bend your knees in a manner that the feet are as close as possible to your buttocks. Squeeze thighs and lift torso by pressing your feet down. Lift your navel high and hold for minimum 30 seconds. Lower your back with knees bent, and then repeat thrice.


Along with distressing your system and adding extra bouts of energy, this asana also opens up your hips and spine for better endurance. So not only will it help you feel more relaxed, it will also help you perform better in bed.


How to do it: Stand on your knees, and slowly grip heels with hands pushing the hips forward, arching the back and dropping the head backwards. Hold for 10 to 30 seconds and breathe normally. Repeat for 2-3 times.

Baddh Konasana

For trying out more positions, one needs more strength, endurance and flexibility in the inner thighs alongside the hips. And this asana is the perfect exercise for precisely the same.


How to do it: Sit with back straight and bring the feet together. Gently press knees with palms, stretching the groin region. Try to bring the knees all the way to the floor and hold for half a minute. Repeat thrice.


If you want to last longer in bed and are having trouble with premature ejaculation, the shoulder stand asana is your solution. The mother of all asanas helps rejuvenate the entire body and improves the working of the thyroid glands, the adrenal glands and the testis.


How to do it: Lie down with the legs extending outwards. Slowly raise them with the palms placed along the back and hips for support. Raise the entire body with toes pointing towards the ceiling and lock the chin to the chest. The elbows should touch the floor and the back should also be supported. Hold for as long as you can and lower your body without falling down flat on the back.

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