8 No-Gym No-Sweat workouts
8 No-Gym No-Sweat workouts

Don’t feel like hitting the gym in this heat? How about some cool pool workouts?

Don’t we hate working out during the summer? Who wants to sweat it out when you are sweating it out all day long anyway? Heard of pool workouts? Pool exercises are the new and intelligent way to stay fit these days.


Exercising in a pool is refreshing, especially on summer days that are too hot to jog or bike outside. Also, water is one of the best fitness tools – it provides resistance, which strengthens muscles and boosts cardio intensity. It also supports some of your weight, making workouts easier on joints and reduces injury. Aquatic exercises can help you heal faster. It is good for people with joint injuries, infections or surgeries as a way to stay fit and shorten recovery time.


And here’s the clincher: you can burn a higher level of calories in a shorter time. Here are eight exercises that you should try out:


Water jogging


Jog for 1-3 minutes in waist-high water. This exercise can burn 17 calories per minute, more than on land. It also makes you stronger. The water offers incredible resistance so although you may not move fast, you’ll get a good exercise. If this seems too structured, play a game of water volleyball. All the jumping, diving, swimming and spiking are sure to get your heart pumping.


Water Marching


Choose a water level that is at least 3 feet deep. The deeper the water, the more resistance you will have to work against. If you can, march in water that is chest-deep. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and march in an exaggerated motion, lift your knees up high and swing your arms as you go. You can march in place, or move in a forward motion across the pool.




The basic squat in the pool is perfect for people with knee or back problems. Stand in shallow water with your feet spaced hip-width apart and toes facing forward. Do a regular squat.




Stand in shallow water with your feet spaced hip-width apart and toes facing straight ahead. Lower your body into a lunged position, with your right leg out in front of your right hip and your leg behind your left hip. Repeat with other leg.


Thighs and calves


In waist or shoulder-deep water, stand in one place and do side leg lifts to tone your outer thighs, knee lifts to work your quads, and heel lifts to target your calves.




Use a single dumbbell. Stand with your body submerged to your chest level. Hold a dumbbell in your right hand with your arm bent and your elbow touching your side. Turn your palm to face inward. Step your left foot forward and rest your left hand on your thigh, bending forward slightly from the waist. Then, extend your right arm straight behind you. Bend you arm back toward the front of your shoulder to complete a triceps kickback on your right arm. Repeat on the left side.




Do 15-20 pool push-ups on the edge of the pool. This exercise will tone your arms and upper back.


Pull ups


Choose a side of the shallow end of the pool and turn your back to the rim. Look for a wall to grab and straighten your arms while you try to lift both legs to the chest at the same time.


Inputs by Sagar Pednekar, Gold’s Gym India

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