Only 90s Kids Will Know What Hindi Pop Means
Only 90s Kids Will Know What Hindi Pop Means

Remember the time when Euphoria, Lucky Ali , Falguni Pathak, Bombay Vikings and Bombay Rockers made up your playlists?

Remember the days of tasteful, objectification-less music? When Euphoria, Lucky Ali , Falguni Pathak, Bombay Vikings and Bombay Rockers constituted the playlists! Be it forever nostalgic farewell anthem Yaaron by KK or Lucky Ali’s smooth, velvety O Sanam, Hindi pop from the 90’s still takes us down the memory lane whenever we tune in. And not to mention that era in Indie pop introduced us to Shahid Kapoor and the smoldering Milind Soman.


Here is a list of your favourite 90’s songs to relive those days of pure bliss.



  1. Pari Hun Main – Suneeta Rao


         This song still makes all girls feel good about them instantly.




  1. Yaad Piya Ki– Falgun Pathak


          You have copied and tried that step at least once, haven’t you?




  1. Tanha Dil– Shaan


         This soulful track was sure to make you miss someone.




  1. Woh Chali woh Chali – Bombay Vikings


         This pop group was defining ‘cool’ back in the 90’s.




  1. Teri Taan Yaad Satave– Bombay Rockers


         The  ‘rock tha party’ duo had their debut album super hit, with their amazing fresh style.




  1. Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gali– Euphoria


         This was not the only awesome track from Euphoria, they gave us Maeri, Dhoom and many more.




  1. Ek Glassy – Hard Kaur


         This hep song was her first hit that made us all move!




  1. Chaiya Chaiya – Dil Se


         This foot tapping number from A.R.Rahman, with Malaika and Shah Rukh dancing on a moving train is still           our favourite.




  1. Jine Mera Dil Luteya– Jazzy B and Apache Indian


         The perfect blend of Punjabi and English added oodles of swag to our playlists.




  1. Hum Naye geet Sunaye-VIVA


         Channel V’s talent show introduced India to its first all-girls band.


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