Adultery website Ashley Madison hacked

The casual sex and cheating service’s 37 million users are at risk of being exposed

How’s this for a worst-nightmare scenario? You’re married or otherwise attached, and you decide that you want a little action on the side. You sign up with Ashley Madison, the website that connects you (for a fee) to others who’re also looking for some illicit bump and grind; naturally, you use a pseudonym on the site, which promises that your personal data is completely secure. Cut to a cackling bunch of hackers calling themselves The Impact Team, who decide to take that promise and whoop its ass all the way to divorce court.


The company has admitted that the private details of its users have been compromised, and has released a “Sorry, it’s an unsafe world out there” statement to that effect. The hackers, on their part, have released a statement on Twitter, demanding that Ashley Madison and another website called Established Men be shut down immediately; otherwise, they’ve threatened to release customer records, nude pictures, real names and addresses, explicit conversations and a host of other details that should have lawyers absolutely leaping with delight. Read our story about Ashley Madison here.

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