American Born Confused Desi
American Born Confused Desi

Here are some other TV shows we’d love to see on Indian TV

Imagine Ronit Roy as Raymond in Everybody Loves Raymond and Vindoo Dara Singh as his brother. Yeah, it is not a pleasant idea. But, it was recently announced that the American sit-com, Everybody Loves Raymond, will get an Indian spin, soon to be aired on Star Plus. It was also revealed that Rajat Kapoor, director of the much acclaimed Aankhon Dekhi, will be directing the series and Namit Das will be on the scriptwriting panel. While talented people are at the helm of the project, India has not done justice to most TV remakes. Our fingers are crossed, though.


So, while we are at it, here are our picks of other TV shows which should get desi-fied:


House Of Cards


While the third season of the political thriller will premiere soon (27 February), it would be great to see our own version of Frank Underwood set in the Indian parliament instead of the White House. Maybe Irrfan Khan would like to come back to television again.


Modern Family


There’s a buzz that Anil Kapoor is trying to bring the Emmy favourite to India and we just can’t wait to see what happens. A gay couple with an adopted Vietnamese daughter? An older man with a young sexy wife (Emergency: We need an Indian Sofia Vergara)? Phil Dunphy? Is India ready for a different kind of family? We’d like to find out.




As we have witnessed for years, dance and music have played an important role on our screens. So, why not have a music-based show which showcases Indian talent and also deals with youth issues? What are all those reality show singing stars up to these days, anyway?


Big Bang Theory


Okay, we picked this one because we just can’t get enough of Raj Koothrapalli. But, how can the largest exporter of nerds in the world not have a version of the nerdiest TV show ever?



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