Ashneer Grover’s Net Worth: Examining His Wealth After Leaving BharatPe
Ashneer Grover’s Net Worth: Examining His Wealth After Quitting BharatPe

Equity, cars, property, and more, Grover’s certainly knows how to live large. Here’s how much the BharatPe cofounder owns and how he spends it.

Ashneer Grover recently resigned from BharatPe, the company he co-founded and its board. While Grover may be going through rough times at the moment, he’s built quite a reputation for living life king size, owing to his serious success in the growing world of Indian fintech solutions.


With plenty of assets in the form of equity, cars, property, and more, Grover’s certainly got the high-roller lifestyle down pat. Let’s take a closer look at his fortune, and how he chooses to spend it.


How Much is Ashneer Grover’s Net Worth?


Estimates on Grover’s wealth are hard to pin down, with various inaccurate reports flooding the internet – some of which assume that BharatPe’s 21,300 crore valuation is actually Ashneer’s. 


While this mis-attributed number would make him one of the most successful startup founders in global history, the true answer of $90 million or Rs 700 Crore is impressive enough, making him the richest person to appear on Shark Tank India.


How Does Ashneer Grover Grow His Fortune?



While Grover received paychecks and dividends as part of his now-ending contract with BharatPe, much of his wealth was earned through savvy investments in powerful upcoming companies. As a fintech expert, much of his portfolio is locked in with companies such as EasyRewardz, Recko, and Egregore Labs – along with several other fintech companies that handle reward systems, software, fund management, and more.


He has also dabbled with non-fintech investments, such as in co-working space MyHQ and homegrown beer brand Bira.


According to MoneyControl, Grover also invests in venture capital funds Ribbit and Vinny Pujji, the former of which actually invested in BharatPe earlier on. Both are valued at $700M and $400M respectively.


What Does Ashneer Grover Drive?



With this much cash in the bank, it’s easy to splurge on just about any vehicle you can think of. Grover’s personal car collection includes a stately Mercedes Maybach S650 (worth around Rs 2.5 crore), a Porsche Cayman S, a Mercedes Benz GLS 350, and an Audi A6.


It’s also reported that Grover still owns a modest white Hyundai Verna, assumed to be his first car before his fortunes took a major upswing.


Where does Ashneer Grover Live?



The 39-year old businessman lives in Delhi’s upscale Panchsheel Park, a famous locality within his birth city. Going by current average property prices, a very conservative estimate of the value of his 18,000 sq. ft. home is about Rs 30 crore.


Complete with statement art pieces and a calming beige theme, the Grovers also like to adventure when they can. Both Ashneer and his wife Madhuri Jain have shared photographs from places like Prague, London, Dubai, and many more exciting locations across the world.


While Grover’s net worth is likely to stay astronomically high, this time of controversy has come with serious costs. According to reports from the Economic Times, Grover has lost about 100 million in shares since leaving BharatPe, cutting out a significant portion of his personal wealth.


(Featured Image Credits: @ashneer.grover/Instagram)

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