Benefits Of An Open Relationship

Not too many people would be fond of the idea of an open relationship, but there are some who swear by it. And to come to think of it, an open relationship is also one of the best ways to avoid cheating and hurting your partner in this day and age, when relationships are crumbling at the drop of a hat.


So what are the benefits of an open relationship? Well, that’s precisely what we’re here to answer and give you another perspective to sex, modern relationships and intimacy.


Opens doors to honesty


You must have come across a lot of couples who think dishonesty in a relationship is what it keeps it going strong. But mind you, there’s a lot of pain involved when the other party comes to the realization that all this while they were surrounded by a web of lies (cheating). Open relationships involve a lot of communication between partners and it definitely helps ease tensions or strains in a relationship.


No space for cheating


When there’s no hiding from your partner, do you think the issue of cheating will ever arise? You partner will always be aware of the people you meet and the places you go to without feeling a tinge of suspicion, because well, that’s what is an open relationship is all about.


No space for jealousy and possessiveness


We’d like to state beforehand how this form of relationship is for mature and level-headed people, not for those who treat their partners as a commodity or a prized possession. A lot of relationships these days go through testing times because of possessiveness towards their partners which can, in turn, put a lot of strain on the other partner. If you’ve agreed to the terms and conditions to an open relationship, you are bound to follow the rules and regulations that include no jealousy. 



Freedom; no restrictions


Ever thought about living a life without any form of restriction like it was before you got into the relationship? An open relationship gives you the opportunity to do just that.


Helps bring couples closer


This is for those who are bored of the monotony in their current relationship. If you’re looking to bring back that spice in your life, this is the perfect way to do so without cheating on your partner. Sometimes being with other people brings a whole of lot of difference in the relationship dynamic and can help you realize the value of your partner.


No heartbreak


Complete honesty means no heartbreak for partners. Need we say more?


Mismatched sex drives


Relationships are complicated and what’s even more complicated are the human species. Partners who are romantically aligned towards each other need not possess the same sex drives on most occasions but this aspect does create issues in the long term. So an open relationship helps balance your equation if one of the partners has a greater sex drive that the other.

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