The Bizarre, Grotesque And Absolutely Fantastic Art Of Lady Gaga
The Bizarre, Grotesque And Absolutely Fantastic Art Of Lady Gaga

Paws up, forever

Lady Gaga is the kind of woman that cannot be described in words or by the lines in a song. A 21st-century polymath, Gaga revolutionalised the music industry when she arrived in 2008. Her first two singles Just Dance and Poker Face reached number one in four countries and Poker Face became the 2009’s best-selling single.


However, it wasn’t her music that set Gaga apart but her fashion – she made bizarre chic a legit thing. If Lana Del Rey is the bard of the tumblr generation, Gaga was the chosen queen of the underdogs. Her fanbase heavily consisted of the LGBTQ+ community who she vociferously supported, way before many of her peers joined in.

Bad Romance, Telephone, Alejandro – all these singles made their mark and were super hits in multiple countries. And of course, one cannot forget Born This Way, the single dedicated to all who were looked down upon. Her videos were different from the ones made by other artists in that they didn’t showcase her sexuality or dance moves, they were a story in themselves and were visually orgasmic. They were unique, grotesque at times and bizarre always. Yet, they kept one glued to the screen – not since the days of Madonna, had someone commanded such attention. The imagery in the video celebrated sadomasochism, feminism and the female divine.

On her birthday, we catalogue her best videos to date – go on a ride and enjoy the experience that is Lady Gaga.

Poker Face





Bad Romance






Born This Way






Here’s wishing Mother Monster a very happy birthday. Paws up, forever.


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