Blast From The Past: The Most WTF Moments From Shaktimaan

Honestly, we are all thrilled about the Incredibles sequel but you know who is really incredible – Shaktimaan

“Only 90s kids will know this”.


People born in the nineties take great pride in the above statement. After all, we did have the best when it comes to pop culture. We had those amazing Nickelodeon cartoons, great music, weird toys that were also super fun and of course, Britney Spears. However, there are some things which were too WTF to even comprehend at that time –  Shaktimaan was one such thing. As iconic as he was (and is), there is no way one can watch the shows right now without laughing out loud or getting really creeped out. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

  1. That time Shaktimaan got stuck inside a computer, was disassembled by a villain and put together by Geeta. Honestly, if she doesn’t manage to bring parts of you together inside a PC and then print you out, she just isn’t for you, bro.

2. And this creepy moment when a dude dressed as a clown starts behaving weirdly around Geeta. He can’t stand humans (in his own words) and hence, turns Geeta into a doll. “When I become the King, you can become the Doll Queen of the Universe,” he says. No matter how creepy he sounds, Geeta’s facial expressions take the cake. She’s just like – 


(Credits: UltraKids on Youtube)

Later, it is revealed to us that this clown-esque guy had mixed acid in paint and used them on toys, leading to the deaths of innocent children.

3. Then, there’s ‘billi’. Shaktimaan doesn’t seem like a cat person at all if this episode is to be taken into account. One of the villains he defeats is a woman called ‘Billi’. Honestly, Catwoman could NEVER compare to this iconic woman. She comes in the form of a cat, fights Shaktimaan in a public park and ultimately gets defeated when the superhero takes her to a mandir. Literally, God had to intervene so that Shaktimaan could come out on top.

(Credits: UltraKids on Youtube)

4. Remember that time our grandparents used salt to get rid of leeches and stuff? Shaktimaan, being the ultimate ‘adarsh balak’, uses the same technique in this episode. Scoopwhoop reports that in one particular scene, the hero battles ‘Jonk-Man’ who is some sort of leech – no, not those fake friends you have who mooch off off your money and success. This villain is an actual humanoid leech. Anyway, Shaktimaan battles this dude but to no avail and Jonk-Man is finally defeated when Geeta throws some salt on him. You go, girl.

(Credits: UltraKids on Youtube)

Honestly, we are all thrilled about the Incredibles sequel but you know who is really incredible – Shaktimaan.

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