Bollywood Characters Respond To Evan Spiegel’s Alleged Poor India Remarks
Bollywood Characters Respond To Evan Spiegel’s Alleged Poor India Remarks

These Bollywood characters give it right back to the foreigners who raised fingers at India

The jury is out on their authenticity, but Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel’s alleged poor India remarks pissed us all. It’s not the first time someone has done so. In our films, foreigners have often ridiculed Indian characters for being poor. But since the scenes were to please the patriot within us, the Bollywood characters have given it back to those who doubt the greatness of India.


After his unfortunate comment, we really wish we could put a projector in Evan Spiegel’s home and play these memorable scenes.

Akshay’s London Speech

This famous monologue from Namaste London has aroused the patriot in many of us. But do we still fold our hands in humility like Akshay Kumar in front of all these Mr Pringles?


Hungry people, poor people

This might not be the most ethical way to deal with detracting foreigners but that didn’t stop Arshad Warsi’s Circuit from serving up this Oriental tourist on the operation table.


Don’t challenge Manoj Kumar’s patriotism

Purab Aur Paschim has come to be regarded the best packaged, trendsetting patriotic films in independent India. And this is how you respond to foreigners ridiculing India Manoj Kumar-style.


Veer gives it back to the Brit prof

Teachers are above the almighty in the Indian culture but sometimes you have to politely answer your teacher back when he questions India. Especially when you’re Salman Khan and the tutor is a Brit.


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