BREAKING: Taimur Ali Khan Cancels ‘Race 3’
BREAKING: Taimur Ali Khan Cancels ‘Race 3’

A baffled Salman Khan has had his big Eid release taken away from him

Taimur Ali Khan has struck again, this time with the cancellation of Salman Khan’s Race 3. A source has stated that upon watching the trailer, Taimur burst into uncontrollable tears, prompting the immediate cancellation of the movie. 


It is understood that as soon as Daisy Shah said “Our business is our business, none of your business”, the first tear began to trickle down Taimur’s cheek, at which point the production team for the film was alerted in order to halt the release. 


A despondent Salman Khan said in a statement, “This is the lowest point of my life. I have never felt worse than I have this day, knowing that I have let Taimur down. I have sent fine venison kebabs to his house as an act of apology, but I hear that only made matters worse. I don’t understand- this is some of the rarest deer meat in the country.”


However, fans of the Race franchise need not necessarily despair. Race 18 is in the works, set to star none other than Taimur himself. The film is slated to release on the occasion of Taimur completing 18 glorious months in this world. 


To make sure the film lives up to Taimur’s standards, he has taken it upon himself to write, direct, shoot, score, and edit the movie. He has recruited Lord Varun Dhawan as his assistant. Industry sources indicate that Lord Varun is the only person Taimur trusts artistically. 


To atone for her sins, Taimur has ordered Daisy Shah to wear a potato sack on her head for the remainder of Ramadan. A representative said, “Only after a month of darkness will Daisy feel even a fraction of the agony her acting has caused Taimur.”

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