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Gautam Singhania crashes his Ferrari racing car – and it​’s not ​even his fault

Ah, motor racing. One second you’re blasting across the finish line in utter ecstasy, having driven the race of your life – the very next second, you’re wondering what you’ve done to deserve the hand that fate has dealt. Gautam Singhania is no stranger to either end of this emotional rollercoaster, although he ends up on the ‘ecstasy’ side of the scale more often than not – he is, after all, a very successful racing driver, having piloted his Ferrari 458 to wins in several parts of the world. As you’ll see in the video, however, this time around he experiences the bad luck that is part and parcel of the racing world.


Exiting a right hander onto a straight at the Monza racing circuit in Italy, Singhania is duking it out with two other drivers. He seems to have a clear path ahead of him, as the other two cars literally wrestle with one another, to his left. The driver on the extreme left, in the red Ferrari, has overcooked it during his overtaking attempt, putting himself in the grass off the track. The driver in the white Ferrari, meanwhile, is quite legitimately holding his ground. That’s when things go belly up for Singhania – just as he’s about to go past the white Ferrari, the red car shoves it smack into Singhania’s 458, spinning him off the track and into the safety barrier. If that isn’t bad enough, he’s the only one whose car is completely taken out – the other two drivers involved in the melee manage to get back into the race. The frustration of it all is perfectly summed up by the reactions of his team members (an F-bomb can clearly be heard), but Singhania seems remarkably composed, even as smoke starts to billow from his car. Not that it’s of any help, but better luck next time, Gautam!


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