The Curious Case Of Indian Men And The Forbidden Fruit
The Curious Case Of Indian Men And The Forbidden Fruit

Why we lust over the likes of the next door bhabhi or even that attractive distant cousin who you meet at a wedding

It is basic human nature to desire what we are barred from indulging in. Even Adam could not resist biting the forbidden fruit despite being instructed by the creator to not do so. We are mere mortals and mischievous fantasies about forbidden women are something many of us are guilty of. In fact, the majority of pornography thrives on these works of imagination.


Whether it is your best friend’s hot mother, the next door bhabhi, or even that attractive distant cousin who you meet at a wedding, this list of women extends across social boundaries that are not supposed to be crossed.


The bhabhi obsession


If you enter the keywords India and bhabhi in the text fields of a search engine, the first three results belong to adult domains. It is an uncorroborated testimony to our fixation on this flight of the imagination in its female form.



It is this very fantasy that gave birth to undoubtedly the most remarkable erotic art in the recent past in India, Savita Bhabhi. The reality doesn’t sway away much from the life of the protagonist of the popular comic book series. From bra salesmen and students to bosses and dacoits, many wouldn’t blink an eye to push the envelope with at least one such woman for real.


Incest no taboo



According to Google Trends, Indians are the third largest contributors to incest searches on the internet, behind Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Widely searched keywords include, ‘mother son sex video hd,’ ‘hd sex videos,’ and ‘brother and sister sex video,’ quashing the holier-than-thou cultural stances that are rather prevalent in the country.


Breaking the glass ceiling


An Ashley Madison survey in 2015 drew up interesting results as more than 75 percent of women, with an average age of 31, admitted to not considering infidelity ‘as a sin or immoral anymore.’ It bodes well with the fantasies of men who masturbate to the idea of having sex with the ‘forbidden’ category.



Around the same time, India saw the launch of a popular extra-marital affairs ‘dating’ website. And the country’s women in predominantly arranged marriages thronged the portal. As many as 50,000 Indian women accounted for more than half of the sign-ups.


It’s never been more convenient to fulfill your fantasies apparently.


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