Dating Apps To Try This Valentine's Day


Here’s a list of some dating app services that’ll help you find love in quirky new ways, this Valentine’s day. 






Well, how about this? Have you ever wished for a dating app that promises to connect “those with beards to those who want to stroke beards”? If yes, then go download Bristlr, a dating service for bearded men, and women who swoon over the facial fuzz in a man. This app is perfect for those who wish for a deep connection with bearded beings and have a particular fetish for the beard tamer. Quite similar to Tinder, you are simply supposed to swipe through, in order to seek your match. Once you both say yes, Bristlr will enable you to chat and get to know each other after which it is up to you, how you wish to take things forward. This app also provides its users with a unique feature where you can actually rate beards.






For those who like to play it safe or are somewhat introverted, here is an app that helps avoid the awkwardness of meeting people online. Unlike Tinder, where you can actually stumble upon random strangers, Hinge is a safer way to socialize and meet your match, based upon your mutual Facebook friends. Some people prefer Hinge to Tinder because this app enables you to log in through your Facebook account and enter your location, age, preferences and sexual orientation. You will then receive your potential matches with those who have friends in common with your Facebook friends, making it a much safer platform than any other app. One of the greatest things about the app is that you get to see your match’s work profile and education credentials for further information.






Known as the world’s largest gay social network, this app allows like-minded gay and bisexual men to avail plenty of opportunities to meet their perfect matches. You simply need to enter a valid name, a photograph and answer a few questions which will lead you to app users in no time. There are two versions to this app: those who make use of the free version will be able to view about a 100 profiles near their area while the premium version allows you to view about 300, where you can also keep a tab on who is online.



Voice Candy



Rather than breaking the ice through corny pickup lines, this app has definitely revolutionized the game of dating in a unique way where everything revolves around the sound of your voice. In this app, the user can offer opinions, ask questions and receive vocal responses. Of course, you can win big if you possess Leonard Cohen’s baritone voice but if you don’t, this app is definitely a unique way for all women to discover that sexy element in her potential partner: the voice.






This app helps shy singletons tackle their shyness through means of a double date. How does this work? Well, you can team up with a friend and swipe in pairs which will help you get out of your shy zone and also have a friend along for moral support, while you are on that date. The pairing can be viewed by other pairs and if there is a right match, then that becomes your chance to go out for a foursome date. If you wish to eliminate those awkward conversations during your first meeting, this is one of the finest ways to meet strangers in the security and comfort of your pal.



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