Dating Slangs You Need To Know


Here’s a compilation of some common terms people use in today’s dating scene. You probably know some of these, but there’s a good chance you don’t know them all. Take a look.


Catch and Release


This phrase is used for someone who enjoys the chase more than the real deal. Which means, once the target is achieved, they release them.




This is when someone you’re dating suddenly cuts all ties and stops responding to anything you have to say.


Slow Fade


This happens when your partner slowly and gradually drifts apart, ultimately ceasing all forms of communication. This may be another form of ghosting but differs in the pace.


Thirst Trap


Laying the thirst trap is when someone who’s interested in you (or the other way around) posts a photograph on social media to arouse your interest. Which means, if someone posts a hot photo of them, it’s just a subtle way of making you long for them.




Draking is used to describe people who act or behave emotionally. This also includes drunk texting, calling you exes after a heavy night of drinking and more. 




This is the acronym for “single as fuck”. Need we say more?

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