Dear Rahul Khanna, Get A Life. And A Career

You ought to hate the life of an Instagram influencer. They get to eat at the best restaurants for free, travel the world and even get laid more than each one of us – all of this only for looking the way they do (read hot).


So there’s little surprise why Rahul Khanna is the subject of our ire today. The failed starlet is Bollywood’s answer to millennial Instagrammers and has made a living purely out of looking good and coming from a wealthy family.








Christmas postcard from the beach. #happyholidays 🎅🏽


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A lot of credit for keeping the 40-year-old afloat also has to go to someone in the Buzzfeed and ScoopWhoop newsrooms (content offices), who experiences intermittent bursts of estrogen with every Rahul Khanna Instagram post.


Just look up for him on their websites and you can almost sense the author orgasming behind the scenes. Thank you guys for keeping Rahul Khanna alive!



Anyway, what else does looking good and being rich fetch you?














Dinnerscape: Hedonism master class, @roohijaikishan’s table.


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And definitely a lot of this.






With the travel, single malt, lavish platters, fancy commercials and expensive clothes boxes ticked, the ‘silver fox’ though doesn’t seem to get much action in the bedroom.


Apparently, he doesn’t have a single contact on his phone to send nudes to, that’s why he puts them up on social media.






Early alarm. Must fit in one last swim to end a glorious two days at the beach.


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But our entire point of hating on Rahul Khanna is the fact that we admire his wits. He’s smart (check out his blog) and can also act (he bagged a Filmfare for Deepa Mehta’s 1947 Earth and even wowed us in Bollywood/Hollywood and Wake Up Sid).


Yet, he wants to remain tagged as a ‘boutique Bollywood actor’ without even wanting to explore his acting skills in front of the camera.


So dear Rahul, a wise man once said that if you’ll never try then you’ll never know, just what you’re worth. Please please break free from your boutique comfort zone and give acting a try!

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