Did you get a WHelfie yet?
Did you get a WHelfie yet?

Instagram is going crazy with shots from inside the White House following the recent policy change. And we love what we see

There couldn’t be a better time to visit Washington DC. On July 1st, First Lady Michelle Obama announced on social media platforms that the 40-year ban on photography and social media during public tours of the White House will be officially lifted. The rule change will result in some pretty amazing White House selfies and Snapchats.


The decision wasn’t surprising considering President Barrack Obama’s fondness for social media. Interestingly, the policy change was revealed by the First Lady in an Instagram video. “If you’ve been on a White House tour, you may have seen this sign,” Says Michelle Obama, as she holds up a sign reading, “No Photos or Social Media Allowed”. “Well, not anymore,” She concludes, and rips the sign in two. Following the policy change, Instagram users rushed to the venue to post shots. From images of the historic rooms to the gardens to the First Dogs, #WhiteHouseTour offers constant updates from inside one of the world’s most famous buildings.




















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A quick sendoff for President @BarackObama. #WhiteHouseTour


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