Different Types Of One Night Stands That We All Experience

Of breakfasts in bed and guilt trips, here’s a list of various possible outcomes from your night of love-making.


Valentine’s Day is coming! While some will be on the hunt for love during this time of the year, the others will take it as just another excuse to get laid; which means more one night stands. And your day (or night) of glory could fall into one of these categories.


Breakfast in bed


This girl probably wants to keep it as casual as you want it to be. But wait, she wants to add a touch of class to it too by serving you breakfast in bed. You might be even tempted to make it a habit. But then you realise it could bear consequences and eventually bid her goodbye.


Guilt trip


You’ve only had sex with your girlfriend(s) and haven’t slept around much otherwise. In this case, you could go on one of those guilt trips on which people generally use words like ‘shallow’ and ‘worthless.’ But listen, it only gets better.




The past few days have involved a lot of smoking and you haven’t really hit the gym in a while either. Most chances are that your stamina would take a beating and the show will end more quickly than you (or she) anticipated. Don’t be too hard on yourself; it’s a one night stand after all.


Blank shot


Maybe you weren’t in the mood or maybe there was too much alcohol in your system. Maybe even she was too wasted. For some reason or the other, it ended dry and you passed out. A good way out of it though is some great morning sex before parting ways.




It’s that phase of life when both of you are looking for nothing serious; and your first time together leads to multiple orgasms; and you decide that this arrangement could work for a while longer. Congratulations, you’ve found a new f*ck buddy!

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