Doing business in style
Doing business in style

Who knew business travel could become a luxurious experience? JW Marriott Sahar Mumbai comes as quite a pleasant surprise

Convenience – that’s generally the first word that comes to anyone’s mind when talking about an airport hotel. Usually hotels situated near airports are meant to satisfy your travel and business needs. Luxury and leisure? Not so much.



But walk into the latest JW Marriott property near the Mumbai International airport and it will be quite a surprise. JW Marriott Sahar stands out perfectly from the other Marriott siblings in the city, striking a unique balance between business, convenience and luxury. From innovative and minimalistic avant-garde architecture to luscious open spaces, numerous business centres and conference rooms to one of the city’s most promising new restaurants – this Marriott experience is unforgettable. And the jewel in the crown? The JW Spa – a unique spa experience with numerous services, jacuzzis, spa lounges and express suites – comes to JW Marriott Sahar. This is the second Marriott property in the world to enjoy this spa experience, built-in with technology and equipment designed specifically for Marriott.



Also, the JW Marriott Sahar has the city’s largest inventory of rooms in the city with 585 rooms including a presidential suite, business and executive suites. The property also enjoys regular fitness and health amenities, the JW Café and an upcoming mall which is under construction adjacent to it.



So, plan a day out for your partner and yourself. Spend the day at the JW Spa, enjoy a wonderful lunch at the JW Café and after a lazy swim (or some time at the gym) you can drop in at Romano’s for an authentic Italian fine-dining experience. The head chef is pulling out recipes from his grandmother’s cook book, we hear. Now isn’t that exciting?

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