5 Romantic Restaurants In The Hills You Need To Check Out
5 Romantic Restaurants In The Hills You Need To Check Out

Here is a list of beautiful restaurants tucked away in the hills that you will regret not going to

If you are planning to escape the city heat and find refuge in the hills, we are here to help you out. More often than not, while planning a trip to the hills, we forget to look up restaurants and cafes beforehand and end up being clueless later. So, here is a list of cafes that we handpicked for you to help make your vacation memorable. 


Cafe 1947, Manali 


Credits: Cafe 1947 Facebook Page


If you are a fan of traditional Italian meals, you must try this vintage cafe in Manali. Located on the banks of the river Manalsu, this cafe serves more than just luscious food. It is the first music cafe in Manali with cosy interiors. If you enjoy going to pretty little cafes with friends, you should definitely visit here on your next trip to Manali. It is a great place to just chill, relax, read a book or even indulge in live music. You can also plan a romantic date here thanks to the enchanting view this place offers. 




Cafe Sol, Summer Hill, Shimla 


Credits: Cafe Sol, Shimla Facebook Page


Located on the famous Mall Road in Shimla, Cafe Sol is a place with a menu that includes food from around the world. It is the ideal cafe to stop by in the middle of a shopping spree. They are especially popular for their seafood and are known to serve the most authentic prawn dishes. The colourful dome-shaped roof makes the inside of the cafe look bright and vibrant. It is the perfect place to visit when you are confused about what you want to eat. 




Cafe Chica, Nainital 


Credits: Abbotsford Nainital Official Website


If you are someone who craves peace and serenity, this cafe will give you all of that and more. It is located a little further away from the buzz of Nainital. Known for its English breakfast, the cafe is run by food connoisseur Janhavi Prasada. Being an outdoor cafe, it has a lot of open space overlooking a breathtaking view. Head here for an unforgettable food experience in the Himalayas. While you are there, don’t forget to gorge over ham croissants and crepes. 




Hangout Rooftop and Bar, Kasauli 


Credits: Hangout, Roof Top Open Air Bar on Facebook


Don’t know where to head for a date in the mountains? We have come to your rescue. Sometimes they have a DJ playing in the evening and other times they have live music going on. Recently they installed a telescope for those who wish to get a closer look of the moon. If this doesn’t sound like an ideal date, I don’t know what does. 




Angaara, Ooty


Credits: Angaara, Ooty Facebook Page


Angaara is nothing like your typical hill station cafes. We wouldn’t call it cosy and it is definitely not little. But it is famous for its ambience and serving amazing North Indian food. If you are in Ooty and are bored of eating momos, head to this grand restaurant and enjoy their impeccable service. 

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