5 Vegetarian Alternatives That Contain More Protein Than An Egg
5 Vegetarian Alternatives That Contain More Protein Than An Egg

Take a look at the food sources that you can swap out for an egg

There’s absolutely no doubt that eggs are good for you, especially if you’re looking to build some muscle mass. Eggs are considered to be one of the best and purest forms of protein you could provide to your body. But there are a lot of vegetarian alternatives that are equally beneficial for your health.


You can swap out an egg for these vegetarian foods that will do the job just as well:




Quinoa is a gluten-free grain, that contains tons of amino acids that are extremely important for a healthy body. A vegan favourite, just 1 cup of Quinoa contains almost 8 grams of protein.





Cottage Cheese (Paneer)


Cottage cheese, also known as Paneer, is a common ingredient in most Indian households. It’s tasty, versatile and is high in proteins. 50 grams of Paneer gives about 11 grams of protein.



Soya Bean


Soya Bean is known for its versatility as a food source and is considered to the perfect alternative to meat. 1 cup of Soya can provide roughly 28 grams of protein.



Pumpkin Seeds


Zinc and phosphorous, are essential minerals needed for your body, and pumpkin seeds are full of them. 30 grams will give 9 grams of proteins, which is higher than one egg.



Lentils (Dal)


Another common food item seen in Indian kitchens, Lentils, are rich in fiber. A single cup contains about 14 grams of protein, making it a great alternative.  


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