Beyond Haleem: 7 Unusual Dishes To Try This Eid
Beyond Haleem: 7 Unusual Dishes To Try This Eid

Tired of the same dishes every night? Try one of these Ramadan specials

Stuffed Dates with Blue Cheese:


Dates are a staple of the Holy Month; most Muslims chose to break their fast with the fruit. If you get tired of the same, plain old dates, try stuffing them with blue cheese and walnuts for an added Mediterranean twist. 

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Malabar Moplah Kozhi Ada:


The dish goes by many names around India and the world, but it is recognized many household as sweetmeats; small crisp pockets filled with meat. As with anything you stuff, you can experiment with your choice of filling. 

Mangalorean Chicken Ghee Roast:

As the name suggests, the dish is popular in the South among discerning meat eaters. This spicy yet succulent recipe features chicken pieces roasted in spices and butter or ghee. A sort of Indian KFC. 

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Mawa Jalebis:


Unlike their famed crisp variant, these brown jalebis made with mawa melt in your mouth. The dish hails from Madhya Pradesh, and is closer to a gulab jamun in taste than it is to a normal jalebi. It is popularly found in Mumbai during Ramadan at Berhanpur Mawa Jalebi on Mohammed Ali Road. 

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Hara Bhara Kebab:


A popular option for vegetarians to join in on the fun. Hara Bhara Kebabs feature spinach, potatoes, peas, and a range of spices molded into a tasty cutlet. You can also shallow-fry the kebab on a griddle plate or a tawa. 

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Kashmiri Muji Gaad:


Ramadan is celebrated with great fervour in Kashmir, and nobody knows how to feat like a Kashmiri. Kashmiri Muji Gaad is made from fish prepared with radish, spices, and other flavourful herbs. Perfect to fill you up after a long day. 

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Goat Brain Cutlets:


These cutlets made from goat brain are actually delicious; don’t let the ingredients scare you. The brain is cut into small pieces, mixed with garlic, chillies, and ginger, dipped in egg batter, rolled in bread crumbs, and then deep fried. 

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