Five Simple Bhang Recipes You Should Try This Holi
Five Simple Bhang Recipes You Should Try This Holi

Make sure you buy bhang legally only from an authorised vendor

Cannabis is deeply rooted in Indian culture thanks to Hindu god Shiva’s love for the plant. And Holi is that time of the year when people make no qualms about consuming the edible cannabis preparation bhang, mostly mixed in a thandai. But the folks for who this has become passé now, are looking for new bhang recipes, we’ve got you covered.


Bhang Lassi


If you know how to prepare a lassi, this should be a cakewalk. Beat some refrigerated curd and add sugar, khus syrup and crushed pistachios to it before giving it a nice blend. And voila! You’ll have a refreshing beverage to beat the rising summer temperatures.


Nuts Thandai


The traditional thandai is usually made by mixing black pepper, saffron, almonds, poppy seeds, cardamom and fennel seeds. But ramp up the amount of nuts and you have a heavier and richer beverage. We would go for cashews, apricots, dates and figs; you can try some dried berries and raisins too.


Bhang Halva


It’s quite similar to the usual semolina (sooji) halva that we prepare at home, apart from the fact that it has no semolina in it. The only ingredient apart from water, ghee and sugar in this recipe is bhang. So, be careful about how much you consume.


Bhang Pakodas


The rains might be the best season to enjoy these fried chunks of sheer delight, but there’s no bad time to have them otherwise either. And you can add some pinches of bhang powder in the batter to give things a Holi twist. Wash it down with some chilled thandai and thank us later.




Bhang Chutney


The perfect companion for your bhang pakodas, the bhang chutney is an easy recipe that can add an extra kick of Holi flavour. Grind dry roasted bhang seeds to a fine powder and then mix it up with the usual set of chutney ingredients in an electric blender. 










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