Head to Hakkasan This Christmas To Explore Their 'Only At' Mumbai Menu
Head to Hakkasan This Christmas To Explore Their ‘Only At’ Mumbai Menu

Some real good news for all foodies out there.


There’s some real good news for all foodies out there. Hakkasan Mumbai has just refreshed its la carte menu, featuring new small plates, wok dishes and some delectable wines and cocktails.


The refreshed menu features a repertoire of signature dishes such as the spicy crab with mantou, crispy pork Shandong style, stir-fry chicken with rice crispies and curry leaf, and stir-fry prawns in szechuan peppercorn.





Not only that, Hakkasan has also launched a locally inspired menu addition called Only At, in celebration of its 15th anniversary. This means, Hakkasan restaurants around the world will feature dishes and cocktails exclusive to each restaurant, as per their location.


The Only At menu features dim sums such as the thousand layer puff with sesame, three style mushroom, Guangzhou style bun, and more. Its small plates and main dishes include Lychee in taro ring with spicy sauce, spicy black fungus and water chestnut with pakchoi and braised lamb, and aubergineclaypot drizzled with shaoxing wine, among other mouth-watering cuisines.






Guests can also try their eggless desserts, exclusively made for the Only At menu in Mumbai which include mango and coconut iced truffle and dìsān, a dessert cocktail infusing baileys, oreo cookies and almond syrup with homemade vanilla ice cream, and more.


Now time for some cocktails. The Only At cocktail menu features five cocktails, some of which comprise rum, pineapple, star anise and kaffir lime, among other mixes. Inspired by ingredients and flavours inherent to these regions, the Only At dishes and cocktails are created out of local influences. All eleven Hakkasan restaurants feature a selection of small eats, main dishes, desserts and cocktails that will forms the innovative Only At collection.





So what are you waiting for? Christmas is near and this is the perfect time to explore their new menu.



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