Eco-friendly Alternatives To Plastic You Must Know About
Eco-friendly Alternatives To Plastic You Must Know About

With plastic pollution becoming a global headache, let’s look at eco-friendly alternatives

With global crisis of plastic menace and therefore increasing stricter environmental regulations, there is an urgent requirement for alternative products. Millions of tons of plastic is being dumped in our oceans every year (and occasionally the oceans dump it right back),  green products are in demand world over.


Here are a few interesting alternatives to plastic in the food industry:

Pasta Straws

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You could soon be sipping your favorite drink from the straw made of pasta! Made out of sugar, wheat, bamboo and pasta, this biodegradable straw trend is taking off around the world.  The best thing is that they hold their shape and strength in cold drinks better than the paper straws. While replacing plastic sounds great, it could be a challenge to people allergic to any of the ingredients used in making the straw.


Biodegradable cutlery

From corn starch cutlery to edible spoons, there are a lot of biodegradable cutlery options around us. The corn starch cutlery is extremely affordable and highly durable especially suited for cold items like dessert. Then there is the disposable pine boat or wood shavings. Not only it is environmentally sound but also adds a flair to your food presentation .

Aluminium foils and containers

Extremely cheap option for containing food, the sturdiness might be questionable but properly packed and handled with a little care, the containers are great and cost effective.

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