Fun New Cocktails To Try On April Fool's Day
Fun New Cocktails To Try On April Fool’s Day

Are you ready to be the star of the party?

April Fool’s Day is around the corner and what better way to celebrate it with drinks (honestly, alcohol is the answer to most things). Hence, because MW is your loyal wingman, we’ve decided to curate a list of fun cocktails you can try – ones that make your toes curl because there’s a surprise hidden inside!



Patiala Lassi


Sweet, creamy, dreamy traditional lassi in proper Punjabi Style! Nope, not really – the Patiala Lassi is not your regular lassi, it’s a delicious blend of White Rum, Homemade Baileys, Yogurt & Coconut syrup.


Arun Sawant, Bartender at Via Bombay says: “It’s not the typical sweet taste of a typical lassi, this bomb is 60ml of pure, very strong alcohol, that leaves you quite buzzed and tipsy. With the summer heat rising, our lassi will cool you down with a kick.”




– Yoghurt 150grm


– White Rum 45ml


– Homemade Bailey’s 15ml


– Coconut syrup 15ml.


– Blend everything in a mixer with a couple of ice cubes and serve.



Rosemary Passion Chilli


Sensuous with a slow build up and a hint of spice. The Rosemary Passion Chilli is made with Vodka, passionfruit puree and Tabasco.


Sawant, also the bartender at Le Cafe says: “Our Rosemary Passion Chilli is a well-balanced cocktail with a sweet, spicy and sour flavour. Unlike the expected, every sip of this delightful elixir is a variation of sweet, spicy and herby. It always keeps you guessing and on your toes – you never know which hint of flavour you’re going to taste in the next sip!”




– Vodka – 50ml


– Rosemary Spring – 3 springs


– Passion fruit puree – 60ml


– Tabasco – 3 Drops


– Lime Juice – 15ml


– Muddle the rosemary and add everything in a shaker and shake with Ice


– Serve in a martini glass.


– Garnish the drink with a burnt rosemary spring.




The Day Of The Dead  



Want to feel at peace, without a care in the world, like you’re floating among clouds? You’ve got to try The Day Of The Dead!


Abhayraj Kohli, Owner at Grandpa’s Den says: “Very rarely do you come across a country that celebrates the dead. My amigo Javier told me all about the ‘Dia De Muertos’ fest in Mexico & I had the unusual opportunity to lay an exquisite looking skull by his grandma’s grave!”




– Tequila,


– Grandpa’s in-house triple sec,


– rock salt,


– muddled jalapeno peppers


– lime




Gulabo Cocktail



This is not your regular Gulabo and you’ll be in for an amusing surprise when you see it. It is inspired by the regional tipples from various states of India.


Ashima Batra, from True Tramm Trunk, says: “All of True Tramm Trunk’s Tharra Cocktails are served in quarter bottles. We are the pioneers of these Tharras in Mumbai which makes having them a unique experience.”




– Bacardi infused


– Coconut


 – Pineapple juice





Little Zizou


It is 180 ml of pure deliciousness made of Vodka, Sweet lime juice, Raw mango puree, Coriander, Mint leaves, Cumin, Lime, Black salt. The catch, this is not the sweet drink you think it is – It has the taste of spiced mango that you so often had as a child, giving you a nostalgic feeling. This can be enjoyed at the House of Daaruwala in Mumbai’s Andheri area.




– Vodka


– Sweetlime juice


– Raw mango puree


– Coriander


– Mint leaves


– Cumin


– Lime


– Black salt





Kung Fu Panda


This drink is served with an Asian theme in Chin Chin Chu, Juhu, wherein the lemongrass shreds and basil leaves are piled upon the glass. It comprises of London Dry Gin, Passion Fruit,Basil Leaves, Lemongrass, Coconut and Star Anise.




London Dry gin


– Passion fruit


– Basil leaves


– Lemongrass


– Coconut


– Star Anise

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